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Exploring the Spiritual Journey

From our first breath to our last, life is a spiritual journey. encourages you to embrace four dynamics at the heart of that journey.

Awakening is what happens in those moments when we get a glimpse of mystery and ultimate meaning. We may be overcome with awe at the beauty of a sunset or the power of the ocean. Or, we may discover an unexpected strength that sustains us during a difficult time. Perhaps love overpowers us in a surprising way when we least expect it. Awakening suddenly opens us to “something more.” We may not have the words to describe it, but we have awakened to the spiritual, and our journey takes a new turn.

Commitment is born in the moment when we make a conscious choice to open ourselves to the spiritual and live in relationship with God. It involves saying “yes” to God and “yes” to making faith a vital part of our lives, Commitment also includes the ongoing process of making decisions throughout our lives that consent to the ways in which God is with us – decisions that shape the way we live and how our journeys unfold.

Transformation is a lifelong process of experiencing profound changes in the ways we think and act as our spiritual journey unfolds and deepens. It’s a long road that’s rarely smooth, and it includes twists and turns that call us to ongoing conversion. Transformation may involve tragedy, experiences that bring our faith to the breaking point, questions we cannot answer, and doubts that fill us with uncertainty. When these experiences shake us to the core, they may shatter our too small views of God, call us time and again to conversion, and urge us to make room for more profound experiences of God’s presence in our lives.

Surrender is the experience of going “all in.” When we surrender, we affirm discipleship as our core identity – the defining element of who we are. Going all in calls us to place our ultimate trust in God – giving ourselves over to a loving presence that is deep within us, completely surrounds us, and extends beyond any border we can imagine. To surrender is to completely embrace God, trusting that – no matter whether we live or die – we will exist forever in the gracious arms of love.

Each week, provides a new reflection that explores the spiritual journey and encourages you to embrace your own journey more fully. These posts are characterized by:

  • An inclusive view of spirituality – as a human universal embodied in all religious traditions yet “bigger” than any one of them
  • An explicitly Christian perspective and orientation that is respectful of and open to people of other faith traditions
  • A profound belief in “God with us” – within each person, among us as we gather, and beyond anything we can imagine
  • A deep trust that God is:
    • Merciful, forgiving, and the ultimate source of love
    • On the side of the poor, the weak, and the vulnerable
    • The source of justice, reconciliation, and diversity
    • Present in all creation and calling us to creation stewardship
  • A confidence in the experience of a loving God who unites, forgives, heals, and reconciles (In God, there are no “others” – only sons and daughters.) provides spiritual encouragement to those who embrace the spiritual journey by urging visitors to:

  • Visit the site often.
  • Translate its insight into action.
  • Ponder questions for reflection.
  • Accept invitations to prayer.
  • Share the site’s resources with others who need spiritual encouragement.