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The Why of

The mission of – the compelling “why” that guides it – is encouraging others to embrace the lifelong spiritual journey and live their authentic identity in God.

Two core beliefs at the heart of my life are also the foundation for 

  • My conviction that from our first breath to our last – and even beyond – life is a spiritual journey
  • My commitment to encouraging and supporting those who embrace the spiritual journey

I view the spiritual journey as the ultimate adventure. My weekly posts explore four dynamics at the heart of that adventure.

  • Awakening to meaning, mystery, and the presence of God
  • Committing to living in relationship with God and focusing your attention and energy on deepening that relationship
  • Embracing transformation as a lifelong process of conversion and growth in your attitudes, values, beliefs, ways of thinking, and patterns of behavior
  • Surrendering to God – going “all in” to affirm discipleship as your core identity, the defining element of who you are

I believe that all encouragement is spiritual. It strengthens the human spirit and keeps us from losing heart in the face of difficulty. Encouragement has the power to stimulate, motivate, inspire, enkindle passion, and fuel hope. When spiritual encouragement is rooted in a profound awareness of God’s presence and love, it opens us to conversion, reveals our authentic identity as God’s beloved, motivates us to self-emptying service, and invites us to surrender our lives and our futures to the mercy and love of God.

I see as a place where friends gather. Think of it as a dinner table for sharing meals and stories . . . a front porch where we chat with one another and gaze out at the horizon . . . an oasis when we find the refreshment and renewal to continue the journey . . . a campfire where we gather to face the warmth and light – keeping our backs to the darkness. The site is a place for deep conversation, a refuge where any question can be asked, a sacred space where trust and doubt are intertwined, and a welcoming environment where we share stories and our journeys unfold.

My ministry to spiritual encouragement affirms the innate goodness of each person, supports others through the peaks and valleys of the spiritual journey, challenges each person to continue growing, and advocates for a vision of life that is rooted in God and has an infinite horizon.

Wherever you find yourself on life’s journey, I hope the insights and guidance of will encourage you to stay the course, go deeper, and grow ever-closer to God.

Join me as together we explore the ultimate adventure: the spiritual journey.